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The end of microten bags


Let it be known that Procentrum is joining the environmental protection movement!   

After a number of environmentally-friendly measures, ranging from the introduction of special cleaners, thanks to which we can filter drinking water from solvents and paints, to waste sorting, we are moving another step forward. You have surely heard of the plastic pollution in the world and overuse of plastics.

Also due to this reason we have decided that from 1st November 2018 onwards, nobody will get a T-shirt packed in a microten bag from us. You will get a classical 10 pc packaging, 1pc (newly without microtene, only the T-shirt), in bags with an adhesive flap and we are planning to newly introduce paper bags.

We therefore believe that you will choose from our new offer and you will be as happy about the end of microtene as we are!