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Sublimation printing

Custom production

Sublimation (digital) printing is one of the most advanced printing technologies, that allows all over printing on synthetic fibre materials (or other polyester-coated materials) with a white base. The motif is first printed on a transfer paper by means of a large-format inkjet printer in the CMYK colour system using sublimation inks and then transferred onto the material to be printed using a hydraulic press. During the transfer the material fibre soaks in the ink which is then not felt on touch.

This technology is used to print special sublimation T-shirts, jerseys, flags, scarves, cushions, towels or banners and cloths sold by the meter. Sublimation method can be used for prints ranging from small motifs to all-over prints in photographic quality while the print is colourfast and retains all original parameters of the printed material. The advantage of sublimation printing is the low cost of printing in small series, because it is not necessary to prepare print templates, as compared to direct screen printing and transfer printing, so the price depends only on the size of the print.

For sublimation printing, we use the Mimaki inkjet plotter and a Monti Antonio hydraulic press with the printing surface of 90 x 120 cm to transfer the fabric onto the fabric.

The sublimation method is also used in the production of our Teequee brand collection of sportswear and accessories. Have a look at our e-shop


The advantages of sublimation printing:

•    Ensures high-quality printing
•    Suitable for functional materials for sports and other materials made of synthetic fibres or polyester
•    Low costs of printing in small series


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