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Transfer printing

Besides T-shirts, transfer printing is mainly used to print finished products such as backpacks, bags, umbrellas, waist bags, work wear and other textile goods. The inks are not applied directly to the backing material. They are rather transferred onto a special transfer paper using screens, which are then fixed into the material under high pressure and temperature. The print thus forms a solid layer on the fabric. The transfer technology is characterized by accurate detail printing, a wide range of material to print on and the ability to use printing "to stock" for repeated orders.
In the case of simpler implementation and based on your request, we will prepare and deliver individual prints on transfer paper and you can iron-transfer the motif on the fabric yourself.

We will be pleased to consult technical feasibility of the selected motif with you and we will also recommend a suitable print size according to the type of T-shirt or a piece of clothing. You can supply your own product to be printed or we can help you choose suitable textiles or promotional items.
For transfer printing we use two hydraulic high-pressure transfer presses for T-shirts, three mechanical presses for umbrellas, bags and non-standard products and three presses for caps.

  • The prints can be placed almost anywhere
  • Reduction of screen costs for repeated orders (preparation of prints to stock)
  • Printing of any, even non-standard, fabric (from regular T-shirts through sports bags to pedicure bags or umbrellas and caps)


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